Monday, November 5, 2012

Huasipungo - 1991-1998

I really miss those old ABC No Rio days. On most Saturdays back in the early '90s, a couple of friends and myself would take the bus fron NJ to NYC and walk to Rivington Street. Most times we didn't even bother to find out who was playing. Five bucks got you a handful of hardcore / punk bands playing in the basement, an amazing record distro on the main floor, and a place to hang out in the courtyard between bands (and sometimes have eggs thrown at you from the surrounding apartments). It was basically a place to hang out all day, and back then Saturday couldn't come quick enough. For the most part the shows were always great. A solid mix of the local "ABC bands" and the out of towners. I got to see some amazing shows back then, including Jawbreaker, Assuck, Born Against, Chisel, Rorschach, GO!, Merel, Crudos etc. And one of the bands i was lucky enough to see was Huasipungo. Their shows were serious and funny at the same time, and they had so much energy. They were just really into what they were doing. A great live band.

Huasipungo is a political, Latino hardcore band that started in NYC in 1991. During the '90s i think they were kinda overshadowed by the more popluar Los Crudos (also Latino and extremely political), but to me they were every bit as good. I prefer Huasipungo actually, and think more people should be exposed to them. So for this post i've included pretty much everything the band has ever recorded, including the rare first demo, live WFMU set, and earliest comp tracks. Enjoy!

Huasipungo - Demos and Live

The demo was recorded at Giant Studios in 1991. Raw recordings of songs that would later be re-recorded for their first 7" and various compilations. The live set was recorded at the WFMU Studios for Pat Duncan's radio show on 11/21/1996. Thanks Arty!

Huasipungo Discography 1991-1998

The first 4 tracks were recorded at Don Fury Studios in 1991. The first song, Estúpida Ambición (Stupid Ambition), a re-recording of a demo track, was on the In the Spirit of Total Resistance 2x7" compilation released by Profane Existence in 1991. The comp was a benefit for the Mohawk Nation of Kanesatake and came with a 64-page booklet. Other bands on the comp included Jonestown, Los Crudos, Man is the Bastard, Pollution Circus, One By One and Dogfight. Stupid Ambition also appeard on the long lost Fuck Rock: ABC No Rio 1991 comp that finally came out in 2010 thanks to Freddy Alva's rejuvinated Wardance Records. The next 2 tracks, Canción De Guerra (War Song) and Fosas Comunes (Mass Graves) were released on the War Compilation put out by Tribal War Asia in 1991. This was a great comp that included some ABC bands like Rorschach, Merel, Hell No, Bugout Society and Warning, along with a bunch of foreign bands. The final Don Fury session track was unreleased as far as i know, until the ¡Nucanchic Huasipungo! CD in 1997.

1991 lineup
Esneider - vocals
Ivan - guitar
Dave - bass
Francisco - drums

Tracks 5-10 were recorded at 6/8 Studios in 1993. These are my favorite Huasipungo tracks. There's a much heavier sound on these recordings, and the vocals are monstrous. The first three tracks from these sessions appeared on the split 7" with Los Crudos released in 1993 on Discos Sanjuanito / Lengua Armada Discos. I consider this a classic hardcore record of the '90s. The remaining three tracks from these sessions were unreleased until 1997. Of these my fave is the massive Piensa.

1993 lineup
Esneider - vocals
Amanda - guitar
Mike - bass
Tom - drums

Tracks 11-15 were also recorded at 6/8 Studios. These songs were released as the Tiempos de Miseria y Lucha 7″ in 1995 on Discos Sanjuanito Records.

1995 lineup
Esneider - vocals
Christian - guitar
Mike - bass
Amilcar - vocals / drums
David - lyrics

Tracks 16-24 were recorded at Nervous Studios in 1997 and released on the ¡Nucanchic Huasipungo! CD in 1997 by Discos Sanjuanito. This is a great batch of songs. Really catchy stuff. An earlier version of the song Caminos was released on the Sick But Slick compilation put out by Nawpost Records in 1992. That version is not included here unfortunately, as it was the only song i couldn't get a hold of.

Track 25, ¿Quién Luchara Por Ti?, appeared on the Libérame compilation 7" released in 1998 on El Grito Records. The comp included a 28 page lyric book / booklet covering immigrant issues and violations on their human rights. Once again, Los Crudos shares the comp.

1997-1998 lineup
Esneider - vocals
David - vocals
Arturo - guitar
Mike - bass
Dave - drums
Amilcar - vocal

Tracks 26-32 are from the band's debut 7", Canciones Para Una Causa Perdida. Released in 1992 on Discos Sanjuanito Records. Recorded at Giant Studios, the same studio they recorded their demo shortly before. This record is pure chaos. Frantic, crazed hardcore that always sounds like it's on the verge of falling apart into complete cacophony. Influenced by bands like Larm and Napalm Death, as well as '80s Spanish hardcore punk bands, it sounds like no other record to come out of NYC. I love this stuff.

1992 lineup
Esneider - vocals
Ivan - guitar
Dave W - bass
Francisco - drums

Tracks 33-36 were recorded live on WFMU in 1991. The first two tracks appeared on the Superpowers cassette compilation on Troubleman Unlimited in 1992. The second two tracks were used on the Toxic Waste On Yer Plate comp cassette on Green Earth Tapes in 1991.

All vinyl and cassette tracks cleaned as best as possible. CD versions used for all available. Everything ripped at 320.

Huasipungo are still playing shows (most likely with a new lineup aside from Esneider), and are still involved with ABC No Rio. Check out their website here.


  1. good day sir.. can i make q request? please upload the unanswered discography.. the band from the possessed to skate compilation.. please. thanks

  2. Thank you for this post. I've really enjoyed this unknow (for me) band.

  3. this gringo has been looking for years for the demo/wfmu set


  4. wow...yet another post that could (and should!) have easily been a commercially released discography. awesome and thanks!

  5. RIP to Francisco (Pancho) Alegria, original drummer on the '91/'92 sessions. He also did the great Disengage photo zine of the early abc scene.

  6. Thanx, great band, great post!

  7. We sow this band at the LatinoPunk fest in NY 8/8-8/11. Still one of the best, mainly because of their lyrics.

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